Shree Lukla Lower Secondary School

Classrooms in the Clouds’ first project was competed at Shree Lukla Lower Secondary School in November 2009 with two new classrooms equipped with furniture and computers with support from CITC donors and Luklass Swiss Charity.

In 2013 an additional room was renovated and transformed into a library with support of a team from Australia led by Virginia Dixon. The new buildings were a catalyst for a determined and talented Principal and teaching team to develop their skills and provide excellent teaching and learning to the students. Exam results have improved year on year and recent training and development of the Nursery team has improved the environment and opportunities for the youngest students.

CITC provides the ongoing sponsorship and training for two teachers at the school Phura Jangi Sherpa and Mingma Chhamji Sherpa.

“The reason behind the improved results over the years is hardworking teachers, collaboration, good management of teachers by headteacher, child-friendly environment, supporters of school for building, desks benches, computers, teacher training.” Mingma Chhamji Sherpa.