Shree Kharikhola

There has been much reason to celebrate in the remote village of Kharikhola, near Lukla as 4 new Early Years (ECED) classrooms at Shree Kharikhola Secondary School have been officially opened. The ambitious plans were completed to an exemplary earthquake resistant standard. The build has attracted great support from the local community who place a high value on education and credit must be given to them for working together preparing the land and carrying building materials.
The project was supported by the Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service Apprentices who not only worked hard to fundraise for the build but also travelled thousands of miles and trekked for days through challenging terrain to assist in the final stages. Once they arrived, they worked flat out completing jobs around the site including painting inside and out ready for the handover of the building. Read their blog here.

The new design sees two pairs of classrooms joined by a covered shared area; this practical design provides the necessary space for child centred activities to excite and engage the children, helping to foster enthusiasm and a love of learning.
The facility is now used by 100 ECED children but will ultimately benefit the whole school of 410 students as the new teaching methods cement a strong foundation for future educational practice.
Teaching and learning is monitored on an ongoing basis by CITC’s Education Support Worker. Advice, support and training is also being given to the teachers to ensure that learning opportunities are maximised and best practice is achieved.

Two gender specific toilet blocks, have also been completed on site.