Shree Bakhapalam Lower Secondary School

CITC has constructed 11 classrooms at Shree Bakhapalam including furniture and resources and provides the ongoing sponsorship and training for 2 teachers.

Prior to the building of the new school there were only 7 classes (one of them outdoors), and the school only operated from grades 1 to 7 (up to Lower Secondary level). The children had no playground at all. The project has seen the school move to a better, more spacious location where the children have the room to play and has facilitated classes up to grade 10. Principal Gita Basnet affirms “The new school building has added charm to the faces of the children. We have spacious classrooms and also a big playground. We have many students coming from other nearby villages to study at our school. Some students even walk for 2 hrs to come and study at our school. In the past we didn’t have school in Bakhapalam, so many people were uneducated and compelled to spend hard life. With the establishment of new school we assure many children in the village will get proper education.”

The construction of a water filtration system has also been completed at the school, comprising of an on-site filter system, 3 thousand litre tanks for filtered water collection and a 500 litre tank at the source for the distribution of water to the school. This will provide safe drinking water, benefiting over 400 students.