A 10 day walking event has taken place covering 120 miles of the ‘Mendip Ring’ in Somerset in support of Classrooms In The Clouds.

The event paid tribute to Karl Waldeck, who sadly passed away in 2020. Karl was a keen explorer who was inspired by the work of CITC after trekking in Nepal and connecting with CITC’s Dawa Geljen Sherpa. He was also a highly respected Rotary President at Frome Rotary Club and worked with the local Scouts for over 30 years.

The organisers had hoped to raise £1,000, but thanks to the incredible efforts of Karl’s friends and family, a total of over £3,500 has been reached which will be spent directly at grassroots level in the Solukhumbu region, helping to change educational outcomes for underprivileged children.

CITC’s Sarah and Mike Hagen joined the event for the final few days and share a reflection:
“Meeting up with the Mendip Ring walkers and supporters for the first time on the last three days of their 10-day challenge felt like meeting some old friends that you’d not seen in a while. Karl’s spirit united them all and walked with them over the 10 long days of walking. The beautiful views caught at the top of rolling hills and the green river valleys and early summer hedgerows made the challenge a pleasure. Thanks to Dot Cretney for taxiing us to the start of each walking day and picking us up at the end and the lovely company of our new found friends and supporters of CITC.” Sarah and Mike Hagen – Classrooms In The Clouds Trustees

Huge congratulations to all who organised, walked, supported and donated to the challenge including:
Peter and Jenny Bennett, Dot Cretney, Karl’s sons Alex and Jonathan, Claire Hewish, Tony and Jane Dyson, Tim Digger and Betsy Digger, Maisy Humphries, Mary Canale, Becky and Greg Bird, Lesley and Andy Mcgregor, Liz and Gary Simkin, Gordon Marsh and the Frome Town Rotary Club

To read more or to make a donation, please visit the event’s Just Giving Page.

Karl's Walk Just Giving Page