Addressing Gender Inequality

Empowering women and girls to continue education, breaking down barriers and creating supportive, gender friendly school communities.

Girls across the Solukhumbu have been receiving their reusable, eco-friendly menstrual health kits, containing everything they need to manage their personal needs effectively. This is part of CITC’s wider menstrual health programme where kits are produced by local women in a ‘cottage style’ industry – a model that is proving to be a great success! Sanitary wear is an issue for so many girls and women in rural Nepal with disposable pads often hard to come by, expensive and bad for the environment. Many girls find school difficult when they have the worry of unreliable protection and some even miss days altogether.
CITC passionately believes that no girl should face barriers to their education due to not being able to meet these basic needs and is committed to every girl in it’s network of supported schools receiving a kit.
Lessons are been conducted by trained CITC teachers, teaching the girls about their menstrual health and puberty, demonstrating how to use and wash the pads properly and starting conversations to help break down the taboos around the subject.

As well as intensive teacher training and mentoring, CITC provides continuous follow up support through 2 Educational Support Workers working in the classroom alongside CITC teachers in at least 10 schools in the remote regions of Nepal. CITC advocates gender equality in schools, developing strong female role models through CITC’s female teachers and CITC partners in the school and village communities.

Just £5 buys a menstrual health kit, helping a girl to stay in school.